Play Reel

This is a play reel of the games I worked on during and after my time in education.

Professional Projects

My professional projects range from participation in Game Jams, Mods & Game development.

Project Zomboid is a hardcore zombie survival simulator, it was both the first and longest professional project I have been a part of. I gained all of my Quality Assurance experience from the past five years I’ve spent working with The Indie Stone on Project Zomboid.

Shadows Behind the Throne was the first game where I worked as a narrative designer, I helped to establish the background lore of the universe and its gods. I was beginning to work on quotes for player actions, spells and rituals before the development of the game ceased in late 2017. Shadows Behind the Throne is still available through Itch.io as a free download.

S.I.D was a game made for the GM48 Game Jam, although the originally planned pieces of dialogue didn’t make it into the game, I learned a number of things about collaborative development, being a narrative designer and working with a strict deadline. The original dialogue can be found here.

College Projects

These are projects that I produced during my time at Newcastle College, these range from game design documents to finished games.

The Serpent System GDD was produced as part of my Games Design subject during the first year of my foundation course at Newcastle College. This document showcases my ability to work a story around a particular mechanic or concept, while also factoring in gameplay.

NEON was a first-person shooter I developed in Unity during my second foundation year at Newcastle College, NEON featured a synthwave soundtrack, basic movement, firing mechanics and scoring system. It was also built using the Unity engine.

TSL: Online (The Shopping List: Online) was a document I worked on for my second foundation year at Newcastle College, where we were tasked with balancing a (purely theoretical) MMORPG. TSL: Online is the only example of my college work colliding with a part of my original content.

Original Content

The projects featured here are content I have been developing in my spare time, whether they were for fun or potential use in the future. These projects are examples of my creative writing being expressed in a variety of different methods. Everything in these documents is subject to change.

The Shopping List is my largest example of original content, I have been working on this piece of content for two-three years whenever I get the time to do so. I use The Shopping List as a project to express my love of the sci-fi genre. The Shopping List currently consists of a Mass Effect-style codex and two character boards, with an upcoming Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game being developed and future character boards in the future.

Personal Content

All content posted here is purely from personal hobbies and mostly consists of character concepts for various games or characters and campaigns from Table Top Role Playing Games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun, and City of Mist.