Upliftment Dev Diary: Unity

The past week has been a rather hectic one for the development of Upliftment, as I had been gifted* a copy of the Humble Unity Bundle, which came with a number of courses targeting the Unity Engine. I personally have made a handful of projects through Unity and decided that I would give some of these courses a try, which has led to a potential engine switch for Upliftment.

Switching from Twine to Unity would give me and Drooms greater control over how the game plays and looks. This is in thanks to a number of things:

  1. I have more experience with Unity C# than I do Twine.
  2. Unity has an easy to use GUI system, which can switch to different states when necessary, meaning Conversations and Dungeons won’t be as hard to differentiate from one another.
  3. Scene management may be trickier in Unity than in Twine, but there are ways to work around this obstacle. (Hint: It’s a pen and notepad Google Doc)
  4. Image & Music are a lot easier to implement and store in Unity than in Twine.
  5. Using Unity opens the door for gameplay beyond a choice of path and dialogue, this will mean I can provide the player with Dungeon Crawling and turn-based combat.


This change of engine could potentially mean that development of Upliftment will take longer, however, it also gives me the tools I need to create something more… Gamey, I guess? In an effort to do this, I have taken the initiative to establish parent classes for Characters & Items to work with some of that polymorphism goodness.

There has also been some additional work on defining character personalities and personal storylines. Upliftment will be making use of a system similar to that of the Persona series, where developing your relationships with the Human & Xeno crew members will present various lore tidbits, reveal events in the player character’s past and even provide benefits that would otherwise be unavailable to the player, such as traits and stat boosts. Assuming I introduce traits.

Drooms has been unavailable for the past week for personal reasons, however, once we have something art-wise to demonstrate, we’ll do just that.

That’s about all there is for this week’s Upliftment development diary.

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