Upliftment Dev Diary: Introduction

Upliftment is a Sci-Fi Choose Your Own Adventure game I am currently developing in the Twine engine, with the collaboration of the artist Drooms. Upliftment is the first instalment of my TSL project, the purpose of this game is to ease players into the grander universe by slowly introducing them to the world and the sort of characters that inhabit it.

Upliftment is primarily a CYOA game, but it will have a focus on the personal stories of characters who coexist with the player, both human and alien. I chose “Upliftment” as the title because the events of this game are involved in how humanity receives technological upliftment from an alien species. This week has mostly been spent working on the Game Design Document and writing down any important details for Drooms to work with, such as the sexual dimorphism of an alien species. If you don’t know what sexual dimorphism is, it’s basically the things that differentiate a male and female of the same species. An example of this is how a female anaconda is larger than the male. I have attached a table from the document below to serve as an example.

sexual dimorphism

The GDD has also been used to keep track of various characters who will be open to player interaction. I have been focusing on creating the alien characters first, as they are a little more difficult to push out than the human ones, however, I’ll provide a sneak-peak at the currently in development alien characters can be found below.

sexual dimorphism

Unfortunately, this project is more than likely to have short -but-sweet developer diaries, however as the project progresses and becomes more complex, this may hopefully change that.

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