Operation False Prophet

It could have been any job. It could have been any building. It could have been any city.  Darrell was a simple man with a not-so-simple job, his employer was an individual known only to him as Operator and when Operator called, Darrell dropped everything. There were the rare occasions where the Operator changed, it usually depended on the people paying for his employer’s services. Darrell didn’t need to know any details about Operator, the only details Darrell needed was that of his contract. Darrell was a simple man, after all.

The contract for this week was a little more complex than what Darrell would usually anticipate, apparently Operator had been paid to cause financial havoc for some technocult, who had been hiring ace groups of cybercowboys to disrupt the Client’s operations. Darrell figured this plan made sense, after all, if you stop paying a mercenary what reason does he have to keep providing his services? This operation had been given the name ‘Operation False Prophet’, which seemed rather poetic to Darrell.

The plan was relatively simple, one of Operator’s connections would get the infiltration team false credentials to allow them access into the databank, once inside the infiltration team would inject a Matrixpopper into the cults financial server before extracting. It was a simple job with a hefty payday, however, unlike Darrell, a job was never simple.

The infiltration team roster was smaller than the usual outfit, consisting of three people:

  • Darrell, who was the teams’ armed escort – if someone needs shot, he’s the guy to do it.
  • Ryker, the latest addition to the team and an ex-triad cybercowboy, they aren’t an Ace by any means, but they know how to make a highly effective Matrixpopper.
  • Sidney, the infiltration team’s escape driver and negotiator.

The day of the job came, a forecast of heavy rain had been predicted and the sky looked the part, grey clouds filled to the brim with mother nature’s bounty engulfed the sky above, leaving little room for the moonlight. Sidney pulled the car into the parking lot as Ryker and Darrell finished their third routine check of the gear, to ensure everything was where it needed to be. The cars of the door opened as the first droplets of rain fell from the heavens above, gently tapping against the high-grade pavement of the land tainted by the infection of a corporate government. There was a grumbling of complaints from Ryker as he stepped out from the car, Sidney following behind the two men after locking the escape car.

“Do you think Operator’s credentials will work?” Ryker asked, looking down at the forgery of an employee ID. “Of course they will, the Operator’s connections have never failed us before.” spat Darrell, who was now holding the door open for his companions, both of whom entered without so much as a word. Just as Darrell had said, there were no problems with getting past security. The elevator went down five sub-levels, binging loudly before its inhabitants stepped out – Sidney, Ryker, Darrell and then the two armed guards besides them.

“It’s just protocol so unless you do something out of the ordinary, we won’t have any problems.” one of the guards said in an obvious attempt to clean up the tension between the infiltration team and security guards. It didn’t take long for them to arrive at the target server room, the security guards opened the door to allow Sidney and Ryker in, however, without warning Darrel threw a punch to the chin of one guard and made a grab for his pistol, which he unholstered and fired three rounds into the other guards chest before bringing the barrel up to the first guards chin and pulling the trigger.

“You couldn’t have waited for us to get in the fucking room first?” Seethed Sidney as she turned on her heels and glared daggers at Darrell, who simply shrugged before he offered her the flat response of “The doors wouldn’t have stopped the noise. Let’s just boom the server and get out already.”

Whilst Darrel and Sydney had their exchange, Ryker had already plugged the payload into the servers and began uploading the Matrixboomer, there was a happy little ding before Ryker pulled the device out. Darrell, Sydney and Ryker were about to leave the server room after having delivered the Matrixboomer but as they closed the door behind them, the lights went dark. An alarm echoed throughout the halls like the wails of a banshee and red lights began to flash. Darrell reacted accordingly, grabbing a pistol from each guard and handing them to Sidney then Ryker, Darrell had his own six-shooter tucked under his shirt and hooked on the brim of his trousers. The three of them made their way down the hallway fast as they could, practising caution only when necessary.

“Power to the elevator has been cut,” Ryker said, the loss of colour on his face obvious even with the emergency lighting. The loud repeating Crrrrack of a shot could barely be heard against the disorienting scream of the alarm, another Crrrack! and then the loud banging of a door being kicked open. Darrell led the way towards the source of the banging, peering around the corner of the hallway and down towards the stairwell’s door, which had been successfully forced open. The doorway had five figures armed with submachine guns standing before it, each figure draped in monk robes, their hoods pulled up over their heads, revealing only the ballistic mask beneath which bore the symbol of an old-world CPU with a heart in the centre square. Before Darrell even knew what was happening, Ryker sped off around the corner, his weapon raised and firing wildly only to be erased within a hail of bullets.

“If we get out of here alive, remind me to kill the Operator for recruiting an idiot.” Sidney said before she held her breath and exhaled “Okay, you ready?” she asked, Darrell, giving her an affirmative nod quickly stepped out from their cover and opened fire on the figures, taking advantage of the short window of an opportunity, Sidney providing covering fire, the two groups exchanged shots before three of the cultists fled up the stairs after two of their comradés lay dead on the ground. With no other choice, Darrell and Sidney began to pursue them up the stairs, rogue bullets soaring through the air as the groups exchanged fire once more, Sidney was shot in the arm and Darrell felt a burning of flesh as a bullet scathed the side of his head, thankfully not penetrating his skull.

Darrell and Sidney continued to follow the armed men to the third basement level, where they were met with additional cultists, the loud BANG! of a shotgun could be heard as the cultist reinforcements began to push forward, the shotgun-wielding cultist’s allies providing him with covering fire for each shell he had to reload, effectively Sidney and Darrell were pinned down. Sidney ran the risk of taking a quick glance out from cover, motioning to the hallway that led down the right-hand side of their current position

“Take that hallway and suppress his friends back there, I’ll keep him busy until you have them busy, once they’re distracted I’ll drop him!” commanded Sidney, Darrell had been in a similar situation with this comrade before and nodded in confirmation. Sidney began to carelessly blind fire the pistol down the corridor, forcing the cultists to recoil for a moment. It was at this moment that Darrell seized the opportunity, gracefully stepping around his cover at the entrance to the third sub-level and darting down the hallway, practically coming to a skid as he sprinted in the direction of the covering cultists. When Darrell arrived at the intended location he immediately set about opening fire on the backup, forcing them to reposition if they hoped to avoid being shot – but then there was that pivotal moment, once again the sounds of the shotgun being fired, with the backup suppressed Darrell was expecting to hear the Cultist enforcer being gunned down but no such sound came.


Nobody is really sure how Darrell got the nickname of Minigun, most people would tell you that Operation False Prophet was the job that earned him his famous title. Some say his right hand is detachable and inside of his wrist is a miniaturized minigun (a mini-minigun, if you would), others say the speed at which he gunned down the cultists on his escape was mistakenly reported as a minigun due to the number of bullets fired that day. There’s only really one thing that people know for certain about Darrell Minigun and this universally accepted fact, is that Darrell Minigun is a simple man.

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