There are is no singular word available to describe the beauty of when the sun glitters through the ocean waves and into the exterior of a domed, homely residence on the ocean floor. The interior of the suboceanic dwelling was a rather simple one with a designated kitchen area, sleeping quarters, dressing room, an attached lavatory & a sauna. The studio apartment was quite the luxury for its occupant, who was beginning to slowly stir from a most refreshing slumber.

The occupant was far from tall, fully upright she would normally be standing at a height of five feet, two inches tall. The woman’s hair came down to her shoulders and was an eye-catching violet, though not an unusual hair colour to see in the modern age, these colours never seemed to fade. The sheets over the inhabitant slowly drooped down as she rose up from her slumber with a soundless yawn, the violet hair nothing short of a mess after a long night of rest.  There was an unnatural silence to the residency, the inhabitant never making a noise as she stepped out of and made the large bed and began to walk barefooted across the soft carpet of the sleeping area to the cold, tiled flooring of the kitchen.

The woman’s emerald eyes scanned across the kitchen counter, resting upon an apple within a fruit bowl, a purple light began to form beneath the apple as it rose up seemingly on its own and paced its way through the air. The apple moved across the kitchen counter, casting a shadow beneath it as it did so, the tips of four fingers and a thumb gently grasping its form whilst the wreath of lights dimmed before the telling crunch of a bite echoed throughout the domed apartment.  The resident began to walk along her kitchen counter as another crunch echoed and the apple was lifted out of her hand and levitated in the air while her shirt was lifted up over her head and tossed back towards the kitchen counter.

Yet again, the crunch of her apple could be heard before the noise of the sauna door sliding open and then shut behind the woman as she stepped into the room. The rushing of water filled the room, the resident taking a seat on the side of the large bathtub, looking at the display on the sauna wall. The wall was covered in displays, all of which revealed the exterior of the house and across the ocean floor as oceanic life went about its day, blissfully unaware of an observing presence. Crunch. The water stopped and the woman carefully stepped in, the warmth engulfing her feet and ankles, soon the water had its liquid grasp around her legs, thighs and upper body, even her head was partially submerged in that liquid heaven, before the next crunch.

Now that the apple had lived out its usefulness the same purple light that kept it hovering through the air had begun to engulf it, as the apple was submerged in more light its mass was reduced to mere air, feeding the light that once cradled its physical form. A sharp exhalation of air came from the resident as she allowed herself to relax into the warmth of the bath, a sense of lucidity overcoming her. The following twenty-five minutes were spent relaxing in the warm embrace of the water and finished with a wash and thorough drying with a freshly cleaned towel.

Having washed and eaten breakfast, the last remaining question was of attire and taking into consideration that no formal plans had been arranged, the resident picked out a comfortable baggy shirt and some snug undergarments. The inhabitant of the underwater house slowly turned her head to face the tablet laying on the bedside table, watching as the corners of it began to glow purple and the device raised into the air.

There was a busy day of reading ahead.

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