The Delivery

“Did you really think this would end any other way?” asked the woman, seated in the middle of a slowly rotating room as the colours of a far-off galaxy slowly crawled across the walls and floors of the room as if someone had poured out the contents of multiple paint cans over the surface of a pearl white ball.

A man was stood at the entrance of the room, across a walkway from the seated woman, clad in a sapphire coloured suit of armour, its design akin to the plate mail of old and a torn gambeson that came down behind and in front of his legs, bearing the insignia of a house long since forgotten. “Do you have what I requested of you? Or was investing in your services a complete waste of time?” she asked, a tone of cynicism coated every word.

“I do.” replied the man, whose left hand reached down to his side, gripping a cube of pure onyx from a compartment which popped open with a click. The man flashed the woman a grin, holding it up for her to see “I find it hard to believe you paid such an exorbitant amount of money over a cube.” commented the man as he took the time to survey the room, which, disregarding the seat his client was sat upon, was completely empty.

“You weren’t paid to question my financial pursuits, Ser Tsoi.” responded the woman, clad in a pearlescent gown with colours that seemed to glow with intensity at random, a hood perched atop her shoulders beneath the short-cut white hair that grew upon her head. A single pale hand rose up from the sleeves that came past her fingertips, gently sliding down her forearm, the pale skin encasing a series of almost cyan-coloured veins, travelling up her arm like vines perched along the corner of an old-world house.

Tsoi could feel a sense of tension slowly building in the room between them as it began to quake, some of the colours which had crawled into the floor beneath the walkway began to rise up, through the grates and form a hand, dripping with thick globules of what could very well be paint.

“I see… So you’re a witch, which if I were to hazard a guess, means my hunch was correct and this is more than just a simple cube.” Tsoi reasoned, though mostly to himself as his right hand slowly travelled up to the hilt of his weapon, gripping it tightly.

“That cube is more important than you can even begin to understand, be a good little-hired thug and give it to me.” demanded the witch, her voice beginning to tremble “Give it to me.”

Tsoi hesitated at first, instinctively he wanted to take the blade on his hip and cut down the foul creature before him, however as his grip tightened on the grip of his blade, Tsoi’s mind looked to the men under his employ. Farmers, mercenaries, smiths and engineers all who needed to eat, sleep and drink, all of who would be vital in his effort to regain control of the Barony his family once had amongst the stars.

“I will forfeit half my payment and give you the cube if you remove yourself and this foul vessel from my region of space. I do not wish to be host to the indecent magics of which you practice.” demanded Tsoi, his grip tightening on the handle of his weapon as he lowered the cube to the outstretched hand of wet paint.

“Your parents claim on these stars is long since void, Ser Tsoi.” responded the Witch, her pale skin beginning to melt from the very bones of her skeleton, a noticeable lack of muscle tissue beneath the beautiful porcelain skin “However I shall accept your renegotiation, but my rights to a private service shall not waver, if you tell a single soul about my occupation I will personally ensure your soul is cast out into the great beyond.” explained the paint-dripping skeleton whilst the painted hand beneath Tsoi grasped the cube and violently pulled it through the grated floor, breaking the metal walkway. Tsoi slowly bowed his head before turning on his heels and making his way back to the ship he arrived on with a burning sensation on his forearm.

Without a word, Tsoi climbed into the ship and sat down before he carefully removed his gauntlet; In the palm of his hand was a skull which slowly shifted between being a green and a blue colour, further down past his wrist however, was a new skull which began to shift between white and black.


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